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Women Are Lovely Creatures, of course They Must Be Well-Groomed

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Women must be attractive and wellgroomed, and they must always behave in a classy manner. That is what quality means, and that leads to other people showing them respect.
Of course women must be attractive and well-groomed, and of course their behavior must be very noble. This means quality, and quality leads to people respecting that person. That does not mean one has to be pretty or rich, but rather that one should desire to adopt the spirit of cleanliness of the Qur'an and be clean and well turned out. Muslims must be well groomed such as to complete the light upon them, and must enhance their respect and esteem and quality by looking good. Everyone in the world would be hugely affected by the sight of a respected, cultured and self-confident Muslim woman. This is something that God desires and approves of.
Make-up is an important means of looking well-groomed and attractive, and is a blessing from God. God loves all forms of beauty. That is why women, flowers, trees, butterflies and birds have all been created to be attractive. We greatly admire the harmonious colors on a butterfly's wing, its extraordinary symmetry and harmonious patterns. Women are also an adornment of this world, and even the most attractive. In the same way that a butterfly was created to be delicate by our Lord, so women are created to be delicate. That beauty bestowed on them as a blessing emerges through grooming, and they thus become highly valuable. The beauty that addresses the heart and eye of a woman who doesn't take care of her appearance and attaches no value to herself will also be valueless.
People who seek to ban the use of make-up have generally lost the spirit of pleasure. In the same way that there is no art, pleasure, joy or beauty in their murky world, since they regard women as entities that need to be locked away and eliminated, they prefer them to be ugly than attractive. Let us therefore ask, what progressive and modern person or society could possibly choose a religion that makes women valueless and ill-kempt? Who would want to represent such a faith? Who would espouse such a faith?
That is why some Western communities are opposed to the fanatics, but they are mistaken in thinking that this faith is actually Islam.

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