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The Idea that Make-up, Grooming, Cleanliness and Looking Attractive Are Unlawful

Fabricated Hadiths that Prohibit Pleasant Scent

The prayer of a woman who uses perfume for this mosque is not accepted until she returns and takes a bath like that of sexual intercourse (perfectly)(Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 33, Hadith 4162)
If a woman uses perfume and passes the people so that they may get its odour, she is so-and-so, meaning severe remarks. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 33, Hadith 4161)
If a woman wears perfume for anyone other than her husband, her prayer will not be accepted unless she washes that scent from her body as if washing off sexual intercourse." (Man La Yahzaruhul Faqih, v. 3, p. 440)
Using perfume for other than one’s husband brings a woman shame and fire (of hell). (Nahj al-Fasaha, 2382)
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Fabricated Hadiths that Prohibit Tattoos, Removal of Facial Hair, Esthetic Dental Work

God has cursed those women who practice tattooing and those who get themselves tattooed, and those who remove their face hairs, and those who create a space between their teeth artificially to look beautiful. (Sahih Bukhari, Book 72, Hadith 815)

Fabricated Hadiths that Prohibit Wigs, Eyebrow Plucking, Tattoos

God has cursed such a lady as lengthens (her or someone else's) hair artificially or gets it lengthened, and also a lady who tattoos (herself or someone else) or gets herself tattooed. (Sahih Bukhari, Book 72, Hadith 820)
The Messenger of God (pbuh) cursed the woman who does tattoos and the one who has them done, and those who pluck their eyebrows. (Sunan Ibn Majah, Chapter 11, Hadith 1989)

Fabricated Hadiths that Prohibit Women from Going out of Doors in Attractive Clothes

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “O Fatimah! The angels of the seven heavens and the seven earths curse the woman who decorates herself, dresses up and goes out of her house so that men may admire her beauty. She becomes the target of Divine wrath when she is alive. When she dies it is ordered that she be thrown into hell.” (Shahabul Akhbar, Dastaan-e-zanaan, p. 11)
Imam al-Sadiq: "For someone to be brought low and disgraced, it is enough to wear clothes that will spread their fame (in such a way as to attract people’s attention and cause them to point that person out)." (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol.78, p. 252)
Hazrat Ali: "Wear thick clothing (that does not reveal the body) because people who wear thin clothing also possess thin (weak) faith." (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol.79, p. 298)
The Messenger of God (pbuh) forbade women to wear clothes that would attract people’s attention and from wearing accessories that make noise when they went out. (Mustadrak al-Wasail, Vol.14, p. 280)

Fabricated Hadiths that Maintain that Women Lose Paradise by Preoccupying Themselves with Gold and Clothes

I looked into paradise and the minority of its inhabitants were women. So I asked, “Where are the women?” And I was told, “They are preoccupied with two red things: gold, and saffron,” meaning jewelry and dyestuff for clothes.

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