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War for the Elimination of Enemies?

The way that a faith that offers no justification for war is being portrayed as a religion of war is solely due to the practices of the peddlers of nonsense.
How can there be enemies in Islam? Islam is a religion that requires all people to be equal and brothers. According to Islam, no matter what someone’s color, language, religion, race, citizenship or social standing, he is an entity worthy of respect simply for the fact that he is human. As all the revealed religions say, human beings are brothers as we are all the children of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). This principle of brotherhood is a requirement of religious belief.
Islam is opposed to all fascist-type ideologies and ideas and materialist and Darwinist thinking that are based on racial superiority and divide people into false categories such as “advanced” and “primitive.” It therefore engages in an intellectual and rational struggle against these conflicts that these ideologies bring with them, and has no room for them within itself.
The rule in Islam about all humans being worthy of respect represents the basis of all relations between people. In the view of Islam, even someone who acts wrongly always has the potential to be turned in the direction of goodness. It is therefore impossible for a true Muslim to have any enemies. Every Muslim has a responsibility to treat others with affection and to tell them about moral virtues, not to make enemies with others and plot to bring them down.
While there is no distinction among people on the subject of superiority when they are addressed in the Qur’an, the use of the term “the sons of Adam” shows that in that respect all people are created equal:
We have honored the sons of Adam and conveyed them on land and sea and provided them with good things and favored them greatly over many We have created. (Qur'an, 17:70)
The way that a religion that offers no pretext for warfare is heralded by many as a religion of war stems entirely from the practices of the peddlers of superstition. Some people are generally mistaken about Islam because they are simply unaware of these clarifications regarding it and only witness the practices of the radicals. People with a radical mindset are unaware that they are applying commandments outside the Qur’an and have adopted another faith quite different to the true Islam; and that is just what we are trying to remedy with this book.
Islam believes that all people are equal and must be brothers, and is the source of democracy and freedom.

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