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A Dirty Conception of Faith and A Low-Quality Conception of Being a Muslim

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Under the influence of various fabricated hadiths, fanatics adopt a life style that regards all manner of disgusting things as legitimate and filth as a way of living, and also develop a quite terrifying total lack of quality. For that reason there is a widely spread – and regrettably “fashionable” - lack of quality in some Islamic communities. In the light of that conception of lack of quality, a Muslim emerges as someone who looks dirty, ill-kempt, uncared for, careless, crude; a far cry from beauty and kindness, and as someone who attaches no importance to beauty or manners, and who even lacks any understanding of such things. If you notice, great care is always taken that such an impression should prevail whenever the word “Muslim” is mentioned.
It is no surprise, of course, that these people should have such a low-quality and squalid life style when one looks at their conception of Islam: There can certainly be no expectation of quality from a mentality that forbids women from even plucking their eyebrows (this will be discussed in due course), that insists on people licking their hands after eating rather than washing them, and that maintains that a bowl of soup with a fly in it is healthy. This false conception of religion shaped by false hadiths is so widespread that a Muslim is criticized by these people for looking pleasant and high quality.
This trickery under the name of Islam has pervaded the entire community of Islam in one way or another, and this ghastly appearance also makes other communities uneasy, of course.
However there is a glorious quality in the Qur’an. As the most perfect applier of the Qur’an, our Prophet (pbuh) was the best quality and most intelligent person of his time. He was always clean. He always wore the best quality and cleanest clothes and always behaved in the kindest way. Were our Prophet (pbuh) alive today, he would doubtlessly be the best quality person of our own time as well because our Prophet’s (pbuh) guide was the Qur’an, and the Qur’an addresses keeping to the highest quality at all times.
It is very important to make it clear that quality is not something that can be established with money, possessions or designer clothes: Quality is an attribute that can be attained by valuing cleanliness, care and beauty, through perfection in behavior and attitudes, and through respect, affection and rationality and proper moral virtue. A person can wear the same clothes every day, but he will be high quality if he puts them on clean every day and treats them with care. Someone may not share another’s ideas, but he will be high quality if he respects that other person’s ideas and treats them with affection. Behavior is one of the most important ways of determining someone’s quality; someone who cannot bear filth, avariciousness or low quality behavior is already a person of naturally high quality. Someone who speaks well, praises beauty , who takes every opportunity to recognize the superior nature of science and elegance, and who naturally values the other party is a high quality person.
All these attributes that require quality have, to a large extent, been forgotten in Islamic societies; the reason for that is the main error into which these communities have fallen: that they have abandoned the Qur’an. Societies have emerged that value quantity over quality, hatred over love and filth and carelessness over cleanliness and good grooming. The only cure for this peculiar affliction is the Qur’an. One of the most urgent matters at the moment is to show the societies in question the superior quality of the Muslim, with supporting evidence from the Qur’an. So long as no evidence is produced from the Qur’an, the communities in question will continue to turn away from democracy, to be communities of anger, to spread lack of quality and to attach no importance to art and cleanliness. This is a scourge that is increasing by the day. 
Quality is not a condition to be met through money, possessions or designer clothes. Quality is a feature that can be acquired through cleanliness, care, valuing beauty, immaculate behavior, affection, rationality, respect and moral virtue.
The true Islam of the Qur'an requires this conception of quality. The world of the fanatics, on the other hand, is as filthy and low quality as it can be. This is a consequence of defying the Qur'an.

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