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Fabricated Hadiths that Maintain that Women Should not be Given Nice Clothes

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"Help women by not giving them nice clothes to wear."
The reason for quoting all these fabricated hadiths is to be able to show how women are despised in the religion of the peddlers of superstition, and how they are regarded as foolish, lacking in character and generally irrelevant. These commands, which appear nowhere in the Qur’an, are depicted by way of these false hadiths as if they were a part of the faith. In this way, not only is female beauty done away with, a model of society in which their wisdom and character is also taken away is thus described. From then on, the lives of those who are already frozen, soulless and loveless become increasingly more atrophied. When female beauty, one of the greatest blessings of this world, is done away with, both their own souls and their idea of society sink to the bottom. As we have discussed in detail in preceding sections, by disregarding women’s minds and ignoring the ideas of women who are capable of sharp and detailed thinking, capable of taking precautions and with a much wider understanding than that of men in a great many regards, the societies in question are deprived of many benefits. The most disturbing thing is that women in these societies also believe in this false religion and see nothing wrong with regarding themselves as inferior. The women in question have become used to looking no different to men and being exceedingly ill-groomed, to having no opinions on anything, to being ignorant and leaving all decisions to men and generally submitting to men.
The fact is, however, as we have already seen, that God refers in verses to those who render adornments and nice things unlawful. Such people behave in contravention of the Qur’an:
Say: “Who has forbidden the ornament of God which He has produced for His servants and the good kinds of provision?” Say: “They are, in the life of this world, for those who believe, (and) purely for them on the Day of Resurrection.” In this way We make the signs clear for people who know. (Qur'an, 7:32)
As we have already seen in detail, women are delightful and valuable in the view of the Qur’an; female beauty is a blessing. Female intelligence can lead societies to very broad horizons. God has bestowed all these beautiful attributes on women; He praises them and protects them. These fraudulent statements in the fabricated hadiths above are completely rejected by the Qur’an.
It must not be forgotten that the people who try to ban beauty and the blessings beloved of God are fanatics. It is therefore a very great mistake to condemn those who think that the world of the fanatics is the true one and thus criticize the true Islam out of this ignorance. The people who really abide by the Qur’an are those who know that beauty and adornment are blessings from God, not those who want to ban them.
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