9 Haziran 2016 Perşembe

The Killing of People Who Drink Alcohol

If he is intoxicated, flog him; again if he is intoxicated, flog him; again if he is intoxicated, flog him if he does it again a fourth time, kill him. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 38, Hadith 4469)
This commandment, which appears nowhere in the Qur’an, was added onto Islam with this superstition. Yet verses of the Qur’an speak of the existence of people who are Muslims and who even discharge their religious obligations despite drinking alcohol. One verse says:
You who believe, do not approach the prayer when you are drunk, so that you will know what you are saying … (Qur'an, 4:43)
There are two important pronouncements in this verse. A Muslim may have sinned by drinking alcohol, but he has not renounced the faith or become an unbeliever. The verse explicitly says that there may be those among Muslims who drink out of error, but these are advised to be sober when they pray. God has forbidden someone who is drunk to perform an observance requiring such great concentration as the salat (prayer), and in which the person concerned must know what he is saying and doing in repeating the name of God. Yet the verse also makes it clear that the person goes back to praying after he has sobered up, once the state of drunkenness has passed. In other words, that person is still a Muslim.
The Qur’an is sending the message with this clear pronouncement that even if people make a mistake, they do not necessarily renounce the faith, while the false hadith literally refers to murder. The problem is that many people in the radical world know the false hadith by heart but are unaware of the true pronouncement in the Qur’an.

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