7 Haziran 2016 Salı

A woman’s right to divorce

The first essential point needing to be made on the subject of divorce is that the practices of those fanatics who refuse to admit a woman’s right to divorce are absolutely wrong. According to the fanatical mindset, no matter how unhappy or oppressed a woman may be, she still has no right to divorce. The frightening mentality of the fanatics - that seeks to oppress women and portray men as superior - is currently put into action in countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Not only does such a mindset have no place in the Qur’an, it is also a violation of the spirit of the Qur'an. Nowhere in the Qur’an is there any provision to the effect that “only the man can divorce his wife.” Indeed, verses 228 and 241 of Surat al-Baqara speak of women who have divorced. Divorce is a right bestowed on women as well as men.
Interestingly, some commentators or interpreters of the Qur’an add a parenthesis to the term “divorced women” making it read “women who have been divorced by their husbands.” This stems from such commentators regarding the verses of the Qur’an as insufficient, itself a consequence of their inability to free themselves from a fanatical conception of Islam, and striving to adapt these verses to that same mindset. We have already seen how many of the additions in parentheses are part of an attempt to adapt the Qur’an to the radical mentality. Some people, who know that they cannot alter the verses to suit their own ends, try to produce the same impression by the use of parenthesis. Yet when we disregard these comments in parentheses the verses of the Qur’an carry a totally explicit message.
kuranda boşanma
Under the fanatical mindset, women are regarded as second- class beings needing to be locked away or imprisoned. Frightening practices of the fanatical mindset, which seeks to oppress women and depict men as superior to them, are currently applied in practice in such countries as Iran and Saudi Arabia. Yet that terrible mindset is the diametric opposite of the Qur'an, and is totally incompatible with the true Islam.

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