9 Haziran 2016 Perşembe

Fabricated Hadiths that Shape the Religion of the Fanatics

The term “fabricated hadith” refers to words or traditions attributed by means of lies and slanders to the Prophet (pbuh), but which were in fact never spoken by him. In other words, it means the deliberate misuse of words never spoken by the Prophet (pbuh) as if they were a genuine hadith uttered by him.
Fabricated hadiths are the main subject matter of the next chapters of this book, because these hadiths are the main cause of the growth of a new faith that has replaced the Qur’an in some Muslim communities. We will be discussing the most striking and most current of the fabricated hadiths in question; lying hadiths, in other words. This is in order to expose the superstition on which the false conception of Islam in question is based and to show its false nature with evidence from the Qur’an. We hope that in this way, some people improperly acquainted with Islam will come to realize that the religion of the fanatics is not only based on misunderstanding, but is in fact built on an entirely fraudulent system. At the same time, those who unwisely criticize Islam and the Qur’an may see that they are mistaken and that many people with supposedly “Muslim” identities have almost nothing to do with the true Islam and the Qur’an. We also hope that the clarifications given here will be instrumental in people who are sincere but forced to live under the fanatical mindset, and who regard that as the one and only system and imagine that to be the truth, coming to the true path of the Qur’an.

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